How To Care For Your Wooden Canoe Paddles

Published: 19th July 2010
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Canoeing is one of the best human driven outdoor activities, yet it is one of the oldest forms of transportation. When your out in the forest there is wildlife at your fingertips, as well as fishing, serenity, camping, bonding and so much more. I would also like to show you how to maintain your wooden canoe paddle so that is lasts for many adventures.

Canoe Paddling with a Canoe Oar

Canoes are definitely one of the best forms of outdoor recreation, and for a few of good reasons. There is certain pioneering adventure nostalgia in using a canoe, for example; portaging (going on land to another lake)from lake to lake, where other motorized boats cant go, and the likelihood of other will not be, is one. This is where canoeing gives you the opportunity to reach those remote parts of wilderness, and to travel without leaving the your footprint on wildlife or the forest floor. A canoe also lets you take enough gear and supplies for a camping trip, if you so choose. If you decide to do this, you will have the most enjoyable experience in your life. "Don't Forget Your Fishing Rod"! Learning to paddle a canoe is easy, all you need is a little practice. Its like riding a bike once your learn it, you never forget it.

Canoe Wood Paddles Care

It is nearly unattainable to avoid damage to canoeing paddles even with the utmost do diligence and attention. There is however a way too refurbish our wooden paddle to look new again, and we can simply do this ourselves. Depending on how much we use our canoe paddles, will depend on how often we will refurbish them. I would recommend every 3 to 5 years for the average recreational user. You will want to use an epoxy resin (Marine Grade, UV Resistant Polyurethane) that will hold up well to UV ray. Its this UV protection that will foster longevity in your wooden paddles for years too come. Once the existing UV protected polyurethane wears off, the resin underneath becomes exposed and vulnerable, and if not continually protected at this point the wooden paddle will simply become weathered or battered.

If you want to increase your wood canoe oars life, refinishing it will do that. Its simple job, you need a little time, and a little muscle. It is worth it, you can change the way it looks to, that's always fun. I set some simple instruction set below, Have Fun!


Safety is the biggest concern here because of the materials used. Follow, read, and understand all instructions, and implement them properly using the proper equipment for the job (goggles, respirator, gloves and protective clothing).

Tools & Materials:


Respirator or Mask

Rubber Gloves

Protective Clothing

100 Grit Sandpaper

220 Grit Sandpaper

A Quart Marine Grade UV Resistant Polyurethane

High Quality Sponge Brushes


1. Sand the paddle by hand (blade, shaft, and handle) with a sandpaper grit 100

2. Rub the complete paddle with a moist cloth or rag to remove any grime.

3. Get the marine grade, UV resistant polyurethane, and paint a lean coat of polyurethane over the entire wooden paddle. You can use a sponge as long as it is of high-quality.

4. After the paddle is dry, gently sand the paddle with a grit sandpaper of 220.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the balance of the coats, typically 3. marine grade, UV resistant polyurethane product should have the recommended number of coats.

6. I hope you enjoy your wooden canoe paddle lasts for generations to come!

For more details on how you will benefit from a wooden canoe paddle, check out Wooden Canoe Paddles, where you will find the right Wooden Paddles to meet your needs and specifications.

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